"Free Milk"

Film stillin' one of my favotrite things to do
                from Martin Scorcese's debut film,                                                                             "Look Who's Knocking at My Door"                                                                                       
                                                                              from David Lynch's "Eraserhead"

The challenge to myself was to take these images from each movie and create a new story....

The plight of the double standard has always gotten to me...

1977 to Present

This print and collage study is based on the timeline of my life, starting at the protozoa, and ending with me looking at you, looking at me, looking you.

The rodent in the middle is a metaphor yes, but it is also a problem I have had since I was a kid, it is the most important part of the print and it got lost. Don't ever put kerosene on your stone before you are done with it, unless you are like me and always manage to learn the hard way.

(Rasputin is looking at you, looking at you babe.)