Artist Statement

I am currently a non-traditional student The University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning as a junior in the Fine Arts Undergraduate program. I work in many mediums and formats, but my main focuses are illustration, printmaking, and ceramics. My two-dimensional and three-dimensional works stem from the concepts surrounding nature, science, and technology. I also create narratives through closely studying the human behavior of underground cultures and those who suffer from mental disorders, both of which are relevant subjects in my own personal history.
As an artist, making meaningful work that creates a much needed progressive change in the world and which deals with the root of our problems is significant to my aesthetic, this includes: disconnectedness, selfishness, ego-driven societies and environmental neglect. By using imaginative interactive connectivity and stimulating discourses focused on the positivity of science and nature, we can infiltrate the problematic areas to restructure the way of thinking and being into a universal oneness through art and design, much like Jean-François Lyotard, Buckminster Fuller, and Sun Ra have proposed.