Anthropocene Living

These pieces are from a Formica class I took. Formica gained a huge popularity in the mid century, especially with the nuclear family. It is a difficult material to work with but the end simple, clean results can be gratifying. 

Ride the Quantum Wave
Formica and wood 7.5 ft x 1.5 ft

I built this Formica time machine prototype with laser-cut Formica time-period portals to see if its possible to predict favorable color and pattern trends of Formica. Being the leader in popular trends and the envy of all your friends is what its all about, right?

My design parameters, while working on this project, I learned that Newton's force of gravity for time travel is basically your typical skate ramp. 

Formica is made out of layered sheets of paper coated with laminate, this enables the finished product easy to clean and durable to touch. I made this paper styled sculpture out of laser cut Formica encased in a Plexiglass case with mixed media  as a sort of a time-capsule that one can never quite grasp.  10"x10"